1: Editing

1.1. Pages must be made with correct, un-opinionated info. The exception to this is making a completely random page. Please avoid making too much of the latter.

1.2. You may not make a page about a user.

1.3. Random pages are considered to be pages that just don't have meaning to them. You can only make 1 random page for every 3 normal pages you edit/make.

2: Bans and Consequenses

2.1. An admin must discuss the ban with at least one more admin before a ban.

2.2. A serious offense will get you banned without warning, disscusion, ect.

2.3. List of non-serious offenses are:

  • Major insult to another user. Bannable for 1 day - 1 month, depending on how serious.
  • Spamming or vandalizing. Bannable for 1 week - 1 month, depending on how serious.
  • False editing or creation. Simular to spam and vandalizing. Bannable for 1 day - 1 week.
  • Any rule on this page being broken. Ban length depends on how much are broken, and what they are.

2.4. List of serious offenses:

  • Mass spamming or vandalizing. Ban lengths can range from a month to infinite, depending on how serious.
  • Breaking many non-serious rules. Ban lengths depend on how much are broken, and what they are.
  • Abuse of admin or b'crat powers. This can get you banned for a month up to infinite, and/or have you demoted.

False banning or demoting will be discussed with the banner, and proper changes will be made.

3: User page and blog content

3.1. Do NOT put much pornographic content on blogs or user pages. This includes:

  • Nudity
  • Sex
  • Vulgar content

3.2 You may not edit another's user page unless you are an admin, or if you have permission from another user i.e. sign my page section, ect.

4: Uploading Photos and Videos

4.1. You may NOT upload pornographic or vulgar content.

5: Problems with Wiki

5.1. Please direct any complaints to NintendoLover or another admin. We'll be sure to take care of the problem.

5.2 If you see any mass vandalism/spam, please notify an admin. We would greatly appreciate it.

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